4 Dental Must-Do’s Before Wedding Season Arrives

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Even though we are still a few months away from the wedding frenzy that starts every spring; now is the perfect time to think about that picture perfect smile you deserve! Whether you’re the bride or groom, bridal party member or a guest; it’s likely there is something you would like to change about your smile before showing those pearly whites on the big day. Let’s take a look at some easy to accomplish modifications available to you.

1.) Whitening

It never fails! Nearly every patient who walks through our door lists “whiter smile” on the “things I would like to improve about my smile” section of their paperwork. (Thanks, Hollywood!) There are several ways to achieve a whiter smile based on your budget and personal preferences like sensitivity, time investment, etc.

If you are looking to get to your whitest shade as quickly as possible and you do not have existing sensitivity issues, in-office whitening is going to be your best option! The appointment typically lasts about 90 minutes and you will leave the office at your whitest shade. Teeth are like sponges in that they have a maximum absorbency level. This level will dictate how white your smile can become. Each person is different and is able to absorb different levels of whitening solution.

If you are currently experiencing sensitivity, at home whitening will be best for you. By whitening at home, you can space out your treatment to reduce increased sensitivity. We have found that most patients can get to their whitest shade in 2-3 weeks whitening one time per day for 30 minutes.

For more in-depth information on whitening, see this post!


2.) Veneers

For our patients with concerns such as small spacing between the front teeth (known as a diastema), tetracycline staining, problems with tooth shape or worn enamel – veneers are a great option! A veneer is similar in function to an artificial nail on the finger. It is a thin covering over the top of the existing tooth that requires only minimal reduction of the existing tooth surface.  The photo below shows the powerful impact veneers can have on your smile. Although they are not suited for every situation, more often than not veneers can drastically improve your smile in a couple of appointments. Typically cost can range anywhere between $1,200-$1,500 per tooth.


3.) Professional Cleaning

A professional cleaning can make a substantial difference in the removal of surface stains from things like coffee, tea and soda. The polishing cup and paste used during a professional cleaning is more abrasive than that found in regular tooth brushes and pastes. A professional cleaning will also reduce puffy, red gum tissue and, with good home care, can return it to the natural pink color as intended. In addition to improving the visible attributes of your smile, a cleaning will improve breath odor as well! Your friends and fellow wedding-goers will thank you 😉


4.) Treat Existing Decay

There are just a couple incidents that could ruin a wedding experience more than an emergency toothache! This kind of dental pain will sideline all the dinner, drinks and dancing that a wedding is made for! Do not go into wedding season with existing decay, especially if you’re the bride or groom! You definitely don’t want it to ruin the wedding or worse yet, the honeymoon! By treating the decay you know is present, you can almost eliminate the chances for an emergency flare up (except the broken front tooth due to opening a bottle incorrectly..not that we’ve ever seen that before!)


Wedding season has enough stresses for everyone involved. There is no need to complicate it by waiting until the last minute to think about your smile! Now is a great time to get in for a consultation and make those changes you’ve been thinking about long enough. In fact, click here to schedule the consultation online!

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