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At Lakeview Dental Arts in Chicago, IL, Our team is completely dedicated to providing you the highest level of dental care making it our commitment to you to make each appointment as comfortable as possible. We listen to your concerns and work along with you to find the best treatment options. We want to inspire our patients toward a healthier new year so we have put together a list of Dental Apps For Your Oral Health.

Brush Up

This dental app is a fun toothbrush training game for kids. Budd, the toothbrush tutor, teaches kids how to care for their oral health. He shows you how to brush properly and encourages you to brush twice a day. The more you brush, you earn points. Then you can use these points to unlock in-game prizes, like toys and decorations you can add to your virtual bathroom. Plus, the app sends messages to the parents about how well their child is doing. This is a great app to help remind and encourage children to brush.

Oral Hygiene

This app was created for both children and adults. Oral Hygiene aims to get rid of oral health issues. It has several amazing features such as a timer, chart, dental reminders, tracker, plus advice. The timer tracks the right amount of time you should brush. You can set up dental reminders so that you don’t forget to visit the dentist. And the tracker can remind you when to get a new toothbrush! This is a great app to download.


This app was created by a dentist who wanted to help his teen daughter get through life without cavities and periodontal disease. This app helps people set goals and then brush their way to their goals while picking up healthy brushing habits. The timer is set for 2 minutes (the correct amount of time you should brush). It also helps teach you the correct techniques to avoid missed spots, teaches brush strokes, and gives spoken instructions on the bushing process on how to use dental floss and mouthwash. Plus, you earn “savings” by brushing every day without skipping. This is a great app to help encourage and remind you to brush.

Dental Expert

This app helps dental patients understand going to the dentist and the procedures that you can have. It offers a list of the most frequently asked questions and is only answered by the top dental experts. It helps minimize the fear and anxiety that some people have, shows you how you can keep your dental costs down, helps parents understand their child’s oral health, shows you how to find the right dentist, plus so much more. Some of the best features are the Fun Facts, Ask the Expert, Myths vs. Facts, and Before & After pictures of common procedures. This is a great overall oral health app.

Brush DJ

Brush DJ is a fun app to encourage brushing for the right amount of time. It has a library of music that will play for 2 minutes at a time. This helps encourage you to brush twice a day for the right amount of time. You can set up reminders to brush, to change your toothbrush, floss, and dental appointment reminders. Plus, it has a visual display guiding you on how to brush properly.

We encourage our patients to take a look at and use any one of the dental apps we have listed and look forward to seeing you when you schedule your next appointment!

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