We are a proud Invisalign® Preferred Provider!


Watch how Invisalign works

Our staff is an invaluable resource for any questions you may have about treatment, as they have firsthand experience with Invisalign®. Several of our assistants and hygienists have been through Invisalign® treatment themselves would be happy to discuss their experiences!
Dr. Scott and Dr. Dalia have dedicated endless hours to Invisalign® training over the course of their careers. They have completed many successful Invisalign cases in and can confidently guide you throughout your journey to straight teeth. We are also proud to tell you that our doctors are Invisalign® preferred providers!
Invisalign® is a series of customized clear aligners used to gradually straighten your teeth without the presence of metal brackets or wires. Each set of aligners is worn for approximately 21-23 hours per day, for a total of two weeks. We will have you check in periodically (typically every 6 weeks) to check on your progress and to give you additional sets of trays to take home.
Invisalign is the perfect choice for anyone desiring to have a beautiful smile without traditional metal braces! Over the past decade, Invisalign has made major advancements in correcting millions of smiles all over the world. As a result of the advancements in treatment, most individuals are candidates for achieving beautiful, straight smiles. We highly recommend scheduling an appointment with our office to determine the best method of straightening your own unique smile.

 Invisalign® Treats Your Unique Smile – Treatable Cases

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