Reduce Decay with Custom Fluoride Trays

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Fluoride is a natural element that can strengthen your tooth’s outer layer. With a stronger outer layer, your tooth can defend itself from the bacteria and sugars in foods and drinks. Many patients use fluoride in their toothpaste and opt for a fluoride varnish during their bi-annual dental cleaning. For many patients, these fluoride treatments are enough to strengthen their smile. For others, using custom fluoride trays twice a day is the perfect treatment to strengthen their teeth a prevent decay.

Are Custom Fluoride Trays Right For You?

Even with brushing, flossing, and visiting the Dr. Scott or Dr. Dalia bi-annually, you may still struggle with tooth decay. In this situation, Dr. Scott or Dr. Dalia may recommend custom fluoride trays. Typically, patients use their trays for five minutes in the morning and at night. Everyday use will strengthen the outer surface of your tooth, making it more resistant to decay. Ultimately, this leads to fewer cavities along with less time and money spent at the dental office!

How to Use Custom Fluoride Trays

After you and the Lakeview Dental Arts team have decided that custom fluoride trays are right for you, they will measure your smile. With these measurements, they will create custom fluoride trays that will fit perfectly over your teeth. Compared to over-the-counter trays, custom fluoride trays hold fluoride gel securely over each tooth. This custom fit leads to better fluoride coverage and ultimately fewer cavities.

Once you have your tray, Dr. Scott or Dr. Dalia will recommend a prescription fluoride toothpaste such as, PreviDent 5000. During your morning and evening oral health routine, squeeze the paste into the custom fluoride trays. Then, place the trays in your mouth and wear them for five minutes.

Custom fluoride trays may be the solution to your tooth decay. For more information about custom fluoride trays or to visit our office, call Lakeview Dental Arts in Chicago, Illinois, today!

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