What is the big difference between paste used at the dentist and regular toothpaste?

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Do you remember Maggie, our wonderful hygienist, scooping out prophy paste out of a small plastic cup as if she were scooping out a miniature scoop of ice cream?

We’ve had a few of you ask what the big difference is between regular toothpaste and the paste we have at office. Well, we are glad you asked!

Our prophy paste looks like candy and smells like cinnamon and mint, but it does more than make your mouth water. Prophy paste is used to remove stains that a regular toothbrush and toothpaste cannot completely remove. Prophy paste is coarser than regular toothpaste, making it more effective in removing stains and smoothing the surfaces of teeth. Prophy paste is made with unique particles which aid in polishing teeth. Smoothing out the surfaces of your teeth makes it difficult for bacteria to stick and cause decay. We recommend coming in a minimum of two times in a calendar year to make sure we are buffing away stains and no decay has developed.


Prophy paste is applied with prophy angle that has a small rubber cup attached to the end. The rubber cup spins and works the prophy paste in your teeth. Maggie will polish each tooth gently to a high gloss for you to show off.

Ask Maggie for a second scoop at your next cleaning! We have different flavors in stock. 🙂

What flavors would you like to try?

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